Int. Workshop in Applications Of Biotechnology

12-10-2018 12:55:14 AM


                                                                                                                    International Workshop


Applications Of Biotechnology


University of Fallujah will prepare the International scientific workshop in applications of Biotechnology  that is  join with the 1st Annual International Conference on Information and Sciences,  through:                 

Nov. 21, 2018



Nowadays, biotechnology topic considers a hot research topic in many institutions and scientific researches. Hence, University of Fallujah is holding a workshop in Applications of Biotechnology, The Science Biotechnology means how to use the technology to develop the biology sector, which in turn to produce a new trend on technology. It has various applications in different fields such as Therapeutics, Diagnostics of disease, Processed Food, Waste Management, Energy Production, Genetically Modified Crops, genthreapy etc.

Also the selected papers will be publishing in a journal indexing in Scopus (Research Journal of Biotechnology).

    - Topics


First Day:
- Keynote speaker 

- Posters presentation of research for the participating.
-Discussion session in Biotechnology Research

Second Day:
- speaker
- Discussion session in Biotechnology Research

 For authors:



Fully Sponsor By:

- World Researchers Associations


- Research Journal of Biotechnology

- Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment




                     Sep.30, 2018




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