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13-4-2018 2:59:03 PM


As a featured sponsor, your organization will show its interest in these very important issues related to Higher Education Communities & Researchers, and will help us to sustain a high quality event recognized internationally. Whether you decide to choose Sponsorship as a Silver sponsor, Golden Sponsor, or Platinum sponsor, your company will have a highly visible presence in Certification issue and all confernce annoucments in addition to put your logo in the main page of the confernce site with short descrption.

There are several sponsorship options

Silver, 4000 $

Gold, 9000 $

Platinum, 15000 $

Please note: All prices are primarily quoted in usd $; for estimating the amounts in another currency please visit http://www.xe.com/currency/.

Please feel free to contact us to fully discuss your requirements:

Dr.Omer K. Jasim, 07812182165 for any additional information.



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